Thursday, April 3, 2014

Lisa Samson

Dear Readers,
There has been something special about Lisa Samson's books.  When going through the list of her titles, I surprised my self how many of them I have read.  There were not many I hadn't read and they were all ones I want to read. 
She is one of those authors that no matter what subject matter she is writing about I find myself drawn into the story, even finding myself wishing I could find that neighborhood and live there with her lovable, quirky characters.
bakerbookstore.comRunaway Saint is that type of book.  You want to meet Sara and her delightful husband Finn (and yes he is as perfect as his name). ;-)  As you learn Sara's story you heart begins to ache for her and the things she has lived with through her life and the strange and interesting family she is part of.
Aunt Bel "ran away" to be a missionary in Kazakhstan just after finishing college.  Sara never really knew the story behind the reason for her sudden departure and now 20 years later, Bel is back in town and nothing will ever be the same.
It is hard to go farther into the story line with out giving away some of the hidden secrets of this book.  I don't want to do that as it is what makes Lisa's books so very good.  They are full of hidden secrets and treasures that make them different from just about everything else on the market. 
This one is a good reminder that you should never judge a person until you know their whole story and why they are doing things the way they do.   We all come with backstories and that is what make families and friendships so great, you have someone to share that story with.

Happy Reading,

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