Tuesday, July 1, 2014

New Release - Yankee in Atlanta - Jocelyn Green

Dear Readers,

Yankee in Atlanta by Jocelyn Green is book #3 in her powerful Heroines Behind the Lines series.  They have all had a story of a woman doing her best to survive a terrible and often terrifying situation.  Whether caught behind 'enemy' lines or just trying to bring comfort to the wounded and dying, these strong woman do their work with strength and character. 

When Caitlin awakens it to the realization that those taking care of her think she was fighting for the south.  That is when she knows she needs to keep her secret and to reinvent herself to fit in.  She makes her life as the governess for Noah Becker's daughter. 

Sherman is knocking on the door and starvation is running rampant, will Caitlin stay or will she run?

It is good to be reminded what it is like during war.  It is not always glory and heroism.  Sometimes it is just people going about their lives and trying to survive.  Jocelyn does her research and brings a story that is eye opening, but also full of people that could have been our next door neighbors.

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