Monday, July 14, 2014

New Releases - July 7th - 12

Dear Readers,

Summer is half over.  How depressing is that to hear?  I don't think I have made much head way on my summer reading list.  How about you?  If you have room, here are several more books to add to the list.

Happy Reading,

Seagrass Pier - Colleen Coble - #3 A Hope Beach Novel - Elin received a gift of life when she got a heart transplant.  It was a perfect match.  Now she is having nightmares of her donor's murder and the murder is none too happy about it.  Can she get the police to believe her before the murder can find her?

The Butterfly and the Violin - Kristy Cambron - A Hidden Masterpiece Novel - Sera James is still fragile after being left at the altar.  She needs a distraction and decides to try to find a painting that she first saw as a child.  The story behind the painting leads her to the most unlikely place.

Veil of Secrets - Shannon Ethridge/Kathryn Mackel - Melanie and Will have a marriage that is envied by others.  That is on the outside, reality is that he has an apartment in DC and returns as little as possible.  Until he says "We work on our marriage or we work on a divorce."

Seeing Your Face Again - Jerry S. Eicher - The Beiler Sisters #2 - Debbie is working on becoming Amish to be near the man of her dreams, but when he leaves for the Englisha world her heart is broken.  With Ida be able to help Debbie find happiness while working through her own heartache?

Between Us Girls - Sally John - #1 Family of the Heart series - Olivia owns a unique set of cottages.  It is an oasis for those who live there.  The find acceptance, love and caring.  They are healed and help for each other.

Fatal Tide - Lis Wiehl - #3 an East Salem Novel - All the pieces are in place for the final attack on humankind.  Linz Pharmaceuticals and the academy are joining together to strike the final blow.

A Plain Love Song - Kelly Irvin - #3 The New Hope Amish - Adah wants to make music, but her old order Amish forbids it.  When she meets Jackson she sees a promise of a new life, one that includes music, but not her family or community.

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