Tuesday, July 15, 2014

New Release - Between Us Girls - Sally John

Dear Readers,

There is something special about being able to curl up with a book that you know is going to be good even before you start.  Between Us Girls by Sally John is that kind of book.  You know and trust her to write a story that you can just sink into and enjoy

There is an oasis in Southern California that offers a place of acceptance and peace.  Jasmyn need a refuge to move past the disaster that is her life.  Samantha understands math, but not people.  They both struggle with their new neighbors, but soon find the love and understanding.

Olivia own the unique collection of cottages that offer a family that helps all the people who live there.  Whether the resident is looking for just some peace and quiet or have a need that only can be met with love and patience, this is the place to be.

Sally has a way of making you wish that you lived in the setting she creates in her books.  Her characters are real life and could be anyone of us or someone we love.  I have enjoyed several of her titles and look forward to reading many more of them.

Happy Reading,

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