Friday, July 4, 2014

Happy 4th of July

Dear Readers,

Because I am sure the founding fathers meant for you to spend the countries birthday celebrating with a good book,  here is a quick list of patriotic books for you to enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Burning Sky - Lori Benton - Set just after the Revolutionary War, you get a wonderful look at what life was like on the edge of the new country.   Willa returns home after being abducted at the age of 14.  What she finds is much different than she remembers.

Raptor 6 - Ronie Kendig - The Quiet Professionals #1 - Anything by Ronie will make you proud of our military.  Dean Watters and his team fight against cyber-terrorists.

Sky Zone - Creston Mapes - #3 Crittendon Files  - Nothing like fighting terrorists on the Fourth of July weekend.  Jack was fired from his reporter job, now he uncovers a terrorist plot against a presidential candidate.

Renegade - Mel Odom - #2 Called to Serve - If you ever thought being in the military was an easy job, Mel's books changes that.  Pike is not the best civilian, but he is one of the best Marines.  One you want on your side when hunting for a top al Qaeda leader.

Counterfeit Lies - Oliver North & Bob Hamer - Read about what it is like to live and work in the underside of life.  Both Olive and Bob can write from experience.  Jake is an undercover agent who steps into a deadly underworld.

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