Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Release - Annie's Stories - Cindy Thomson

Dear Readers,

Annie's Stories by Cindy Thomson uses a beloved child's story to tell a tale of a daughter and her fond memories of her father.  The Wizard of Oz is just new to the country and everyone is reading it and talking about it.  For Annie it reminds her of her father and the wonderful stories he use to tell. 

She arrives in America with only his stories and a dream for what can be.  She quickly settles into the heart of New York and finds a new "family" at the boarding house where she lives.  Annie loves her new life and when a friend urges her to share her father's stories, she has to decide if she is ready for the world to know them. 

Cindy has a way of including the simplest things into her story that makes the story all the richer for it.  To include the Wizard of Oz and how it swept the nation before it was a movie is such a neat twist.  It is a reminder that books and stories have been effecting people since the beginning of time. 

Happy Reading,

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