Friday, June 13, 2014

New Release - Blur - Steven James

Dear Readers,

I fell in love with Steven James' writing when he released Pawn just a few short years ago.  His thrillers can keep you awake all night.  His second series really got you to put on your thinking cap as he delved into the world of neurological research and mind control.  Then there is Blur and he once again he adds a very interesting element to his book.

Daniel Byers has a vision of Emily Jackson.  A very terrifying one, she actually talks to him after her death. 

Emily is found dead in a near by lake and the community is mourning her passing.  As he attends her funeral Emily begs him to find her glasses and tells him that one of his friends was in the car with her.  What does that all mean?  Why would Trevor be in the car also?

Okay Okay so a book where a dead girls sits up in her coffin and talks to you is probably not one I would recommend reading just before bed, but it is one that I have put on my TBR list. 

Happy Reading,

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