Monday, June 9, 2014

New Releases - June 2 - 7

Dear Readers,

The good new titles keep rolling in.  Just when I think we are getting a lull in the number of titles we are getting, more roll into the store.  It will make for a busy summer of reading, but I have no problem with that. 

Happy Reading,

The Fight - Luke Wordley - To say Sam Pennington has anger issues is probably an understatement.  He has plenty of reasons to be angry, but it is going to get him kicked out of school.  When boxing trainer Jerry finds Sam and reaches out to him, both their lives are changed, but maybe not for the better.

Mark of Distinction - Jessica Dotta - #2 Price of Privilege Trilogy - Julia is now under the protection of Lord Pierson.  She is the toast of London but she find it hard to maintain the illusions that is her life now. 

Blind Trust - Sandra Orchard - #2 Port Aster Secrets - Kate Adams is caught red- handed with counterfeit money.  What makes it even crazier is she got the money from her dear sweet neighbor.  While investigating the counterfeit ring, she stumbles on something even darker. 

Saving Amelie - Cathy Gohlke - Rachel is hunted by the SS because of the child she is hiding, but also secrets from her own past.  When Rachel and Amelie hide in Oberammergau, they are not only risking their own lives, but also the lives of those willing to help save others from the threat of the Nazi's beliefs.

Wish - Jake Smith - Tear jerking story of a young boy with cancer and his dying wish.  Aaron's one wish is he wants to see his father play in a major league baseball game.  His father is afraid that he does not have the skills to make the team and fulfill that wish.

All Right Here - Carre Armstrong Gardner - A Darling Family Novel #1 - Ivy is unable to have children of her own and her husband has begun to resent it.  When a ready made family is almost dropped in their laps, Ivy is ready to adopt them, but her husband is sure he wants such a mismatched family.

Oath of the Brotherhood - C.E. Laureano - #1 The Song of Searf - (from the back cover) An island at the edge of the world.  An ancient prophecy. A reclusive warrior brotherhood.  When Evil encroaches, who will find the faith to fight it?

Yankee in Atlanta - Jocelyn Green - Heroines Behind the Lines - Civil War #3 - (from the back cover) She hid from her past to find a future and landed on enemy soil. 

A Mother's Secret - Amy Clipston - Unmarried but with a son, Carolyn doesn't believe she will ever marry.  Her parents try to marry her off to a widow in need of a mother for his young daughter, but Carolyn is looking for love. 

The Bridge Tender - Marybeth Whalen - A Sunset Beach Novel - Emily and Ryan made a pact to buy a house on the beach in Sunset Beach - someday.  Someday never comes when Ryan suddenly passes away.  That is until a secret insurance policy comes to light. 

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