Monday, June 23, 2014

New Releases - June 16 - 21

Dear Readers,

Here is a fun fact for you and may explain why that to-be-read book list never gets any shorter.

Americans buy approximately five million books a day. 125 new titles are published daily. 

Thank you Margaret Brownley for that. 

Here are a few of those 125 per day books.
Happy Reading,

Love Comes Home - Ann H. Gabhart - Sequel to Small Town Girl and Angel Sister - WWII if finally over and the sisters are ready to welcome their men home and start the happily ever after they have been planning.

Death Takes a Ride - Lorena McCourtney - #3 the Cate Kinkaid Files - When Cate arrives at the Vintage Auto Restoration to give her friend a ride, she finds more than she bargained for.  A dead man, and wounded man and what looks like a case of self defense. 

Captured by Love - Jody Hedlund - Michigan 1814 - The British army have invaded and taken control of Michilimackinac Island.  When Pierre returns to his family farm he finds those he loves starving and under the control of the invading army.  Will he stay and help or will he return to his wandering ways?

Annie's Stories - Cindy Thomson - #1 Ellis Island Novel - A new novel is taking New York City by storm.  But for Annie Gallagher the Wonderful Wizard of Oz is some much more.  It reminds her of the stories her father use to tell.  When everything she holds dear is threatened she knows she must find her own way.

All for a Sister - Allison Pittman - Celeste DuFrane has fame and fortune.  When her mother passes she finds out more secrets that her mother kept hidden from them all.  Uncovering the past reveals more lives that were changed by her mother's action.

Firewall - DiAnn Mills - #1 FBI Houston novel - Taryn and her new husband are leaving on their honeymoon when a bomb at the airport leaves her injured and him missing.  The FBI consider them their prime suspects and now Taryn  is doubting all she knows about her husband and who he really is.

When I Fall in Love - Susan May Warren - #3 A Christiansen Family novel - Grace isn't sure if she is excited about the cooking retreat her family is sending her on.  Maxwell looks forward to the retreat every year, even though his hockey fans might never guess.  They are teamed up and they find themselves drawn to each other, but Maxwell isn't sure he is ready. 

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