Friday, June 27, 2014

New Release - Firewall - DiAnn Mills

Dear Readers,

DiAnn Mills writes in quite a few genres.  She has fans in every genre and many of her fans crossover and read more than one.  The best thing about it is no matter what genre you are reading you know that DiAnn will write a good book.

In Firewall DiAnn takes us into the world of cyber terrorism.  Taryn and her new husband are at the airport ready to leave on their honeymoon when a bomb explodes and killing people and injuring Taryn.  When she awakens, her husband is missing and she is the prime suspect in the bombing.

Agent Grayson knows in his gut that Taryn is not guilty, but is working to find out who was really behind the bombs.  As he digs deeper and deeper he figures out that the real target of the bomb was Taryn and the new program she has just written.  A high security software that  in the wrong hand will leave America open to attacks.

So the stage is set for a terror attack on America and we the readers get to follow along as once again our heroes save the day.  Books like this are so much fun to read because we get to protect America without ever leaving the safety of our own houses.

Happy Reading,

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