Thursday, June 26, 2014

Steven James

Dear Readers,

Steven James ran himself to the top of my favorite authors with the Patrick Bower series.  The books gave me chills and were so interesting they were hard to put down.  Steven’s Jevin Banks series made me think a bit about what was being written.  It used mind control, magic and frightening scientific realities.  So I was very interested in reading his first book in his new teen series.  Blur is definitely written for the teen reader even though Steven writes about the veil between reality and imagination and how that veil can blur or disappear altogether sometimes.

Daniel is the star quarterback for his high school team.  The last thing he thought he would have to deal with is death, but he finds himself at a funeral for one of his schoolmates.  Just before the funeral starts, Emily sits up in her casket and asked Daniel to find her glasses.   She grabs his arm and leaves a mark.  The only problem is no one else sees this just Daniel and he is pretty sure he is going insane.

Daniel decides that he needs to figure out if Emily’s death was actually an accident or if someone murdered her.   But how do you explain to your father or friends that you “see dead people.”  Not only do you see them, but they talk to you also.

With the main character being in High School, you will know that this book is not written for adults and it does have issues that are unique to teens.  How do you confront someone who is in authority of you? 

I enjoyed the mystery of it all and will recommend it to other readers, but especially to teens looking for a good read.
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