Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Summer Reading list - part III

Dear Readers,

This is the last installment of my summer reading list.  It was long this year, but not long enough as more and more titles come in.  Enjoy these titles and then look for more as we get new titles every day.

Happy Reading,

Dear Mr. Knightley – Katherine Reay - Sam hides in her books, her only friends lie between the pages of the classics like Austen, Dickens and Shakespeare.  The problem is she lives in the real world.  When a mentor offers a free passage to college she finds out what it means to really be loved and how to be a friend.

The Traitor's Wife - Allison Pataki - We all know about Benedict Arnold and the most notorious act of treason in America's history, but did you know that he was drawn into the act by his much younger wife.  Peggy Shippen was loyal to the British, she is the one who hatches the plan to turn West Point over to the British.

The Pursuit of Tamsen Little John - Lori Benton - Tamsen escapes the life of hardship under her step-father and an arranged marriage with Jesse Bird.  What she finds is harder than she imagined, but maybe just what she is seeking.

Sing for Me - Karen Halvorsen Schreck - Set in 1937.  Rose Sorenson longs for something more than just the hymns she sings at church.  Introduced to the world of Jazz clubs, she finds an exciting place that offers her what she wants.

Where Courage Calls - Janette Oke & Laurel Oke Logan - When Calls the Heart novel - This book compliments the new series on the Hallmark Channel.  Set in the Canadian frontier it brings us back to Janette's much loved Canadian West series.

Songs of the Shenandoah - Michael K. Reynolds - An Heirs of Ireland Novel - (from the back cover) In this dramatic conclusion to the Heirs of Ireland series... the clash of loyalties and beliefs threatens an entire family. 

The First Phone Call From Heaven - Mitch Albom - On the same morning that Sully Harding is released from prison is when the first phone calls start happening.  Phone calls from people to their loved ones.  Which doesn't sound so unusual except the one that is calling is dead.  Sully sets out to prove it is all faked by someone with a sick sense of humor.

Stones for Bread - Christa Parrish - Liesl's world is all about bread.  Her heritage, her job, her life.  That is until those who surround her start interfering.  The troubled teen her head baker brings in, the waitress who summits a recipe to a cooking show, and the flour guys who thinks he can win her affection.

Strait of Hormuz - David Bunn - One call and Marc Royce is once again on an assignment.  He is trying to find the threat to world peace and safety stretching from Asia to the Middle East.

Heart Failure - Richard L. Mabry M.D. - Medical thrillers at its best.  Carrie found a second love almost to good to be true.  Then Adam confesses that he is on the run from the witness program and now they are both in danger.

I, Saul - Jerry Jenkins with James MacDonald  - What if a manuscript written by Paul was found completely intact in spite of being stored in the walls of his prison cell?  Augie finds out when he gets a call from a friend who say he needs help.

A Beauty so Rare - Tamera Alexander - #2 A Belmont Mansion Novel - Eleanor never plans on marring, but her aunt has other idea for her.  While Eleanor tries to start a place for widows and orphans of the civil war, her aunt is trying to marry her to a man she doesn't love.

The Amish Groom - Mindy Starns Clark/Susan Meissner - #1 the Men of Lancaster County - Torn between two worlds, Tyler needs to decide if he is going stay in the Amish community where he was raised after his mother passed or return to the Englisch world that his father is part of.

What Follows After - Dan Walsh - (Not part of the series he is working on with Gary Smalley) Scott and Gina's marriage is over.  They have carried out a lie for over a year, but their sons, Colt and Timmy are sick of it.  So they decide to run away and force their parents to back together.

The Devil Walks in Mattingly - Billy Coffey - (from the back cover) For three people, secretly complicit in a young man's death, redemption is their most precious desire... and the last thing any of them ever expect to receive.

My Mother's Chamomile - Susie Finkbeiner - The Eliot family is used to assisting people in the time of their greatest need, now they will need comforting and support for others.  Will they make it through the drought to find God's promises of comfort again?


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