Wednesday, June 25, 2014

New Release - Four Weddings and a Kiss - Various

Dear Readers,

I don't usually do release announcements about compilations, it just becomes clunky to tell you about every story.  I don't want any author feeling left out.  But Four Weddings and a Kiss by Margaret Brownley, Debra Clopton, Mary Connealy and Robin Lee Hatcher really just struck my funny bone.  I read the prologue and was laughing out loud.  I thought I would just share a bit of the part that made me laugh.

Reverend Gregory Miller is headed back home after attending a pastor's revival meeting.  He is not looking forward to going as he is going to have to tell the woman he loves that he can not marry her because he doesn't feel she will make a good pastor's wife because she is not serious enough.  He ends up having a conversation with 4 other pastors and they tell him stories of other very unlikely couple who have married and gone on to have very good marriages. 

That lets you know the idea behind the story, which I think is a cute idea.  In the prologue the following conversation happens and is one of a couple of things that made me laugh. 

""Miss Princeton is ... " He searched for a way to describe her. "Reckless."

" Reckless?"  The word escaped all four men in perfect harmony.

He sighed. It wasn't like him to talk about personal matters.  Drawing attention to himself was not his style.  Back home in Phoenix people expected their minsters to be dignified and sedate.  At age thirty, he's served his church well. He could only imagine what his congregation would say if they knew their esteemed leader bared his soul to a group of near strangers.

"Maybe that is not the right word but..." He couldn't think of another.  "She taught our church ladies to play rounder."  Women wielding sticks was shocking enough, but irate husbands insisted the games interfered with the women's household chores."

Ok it goes on from there, but heaven forbid women did something that interfered with their household chores.  :-D 

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