Monday, August 11, 2014

New Releases - August 4 - 9

Dear Readers,

Ah August, the month that slows the world down, well those of us in the Northern reaches of this planet.  The humidity goes up, we fight against having to go back to school, we long for the summer months to stretch a few more months.  But of course the seasons change and move forward we must, but until the cooler weather sets in, here are some really good end of summer reads.

Happy Reading,

Prelude for a Lord - Camille Elliot - Alethea is a lady, maybe one a bit past her prime for landing a husband, but still a lady.  She is also a musician, but of an instrument that is considered inappropriate for a woman to play, the violin.  When a thief becomes interested in her violin, things become dangerous for her and her family.

Feels like Heaven - Vanessa Miller - Solomon Harris never met his father.  It has never mattered to him either.  He is the lawyer to the stars in Hollywood.  When his father summons Solomon to his death bed, Solomon has to decide if he actually wants to meet the man who has denied him for almost three decades.

The Taste of Many Mountains - Bruce Wydick - 4 grad students head to Guatemala with very different ideas about their summer research project.  They follow the coffee bean trail from Guatemalan coffee picker to the American coffee drinkers and all it teaches about poverty and globalization.

The Confession - Robert Whitlow - Holt has  secret.  One that if it comes to light will cost him everything.  But that secret is buried with Holt's best friend or is it?  When Holt starts investigating the death of a town's wealthiest citizen, he comes face to face with his own guilty conscience.

The Healing Quilt - Wanda Brunstetter - Return to the Half-Stitched Quilting Club - Lamar and Emma seek the warmth of the Florida sun and take up residence in Sarasota Florida.  Emma longs for more to do than walk the beaches and starts another quilting class.  Of course nothing is easy with her quilting classes. 

Driftwood Tides - Gina Holmes - One of the authors that I can't wait to read.  Holton lost his wife and retreated from the world.  Then Libby shows up and turns his world upside down. 

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