Tuesday, August 19, 2014

New Release - A Light in the Wilderness - Jane Kirkpatrick

Dear Readers,

Jane Kirkpatrick is another author that look forward to see what she is doing next.  She bases her books on little know facts or people in America's history and develops a story that makes history come alive.  A Light in the Wilderness is the story of three very different woman who embark on a wagon train headed to Oregon territory and this is their story.

Letitia holds the papers that say she is no longer a slave.  Papers she is so very proud of even if she can't read them.  She has begun to trust Davey Carson who has asked her to join him.

Nancy is in love with her husband and will follow him anywhere even on a wagon train west, no matter the cost.

Betsy is one of the last of the Willamette tribe.  She tries to teach her grandson the wisdom and ways of her people.  Soon she may have someone else to teach.

Each woman has a different reason for being on the Oregon Trail, each one has a reason for distrusting the others and each one is going to need the others.  Will they be able to learn to trust soon enough to survive.

Jane is a wordsmith and weaves a story that leaves you thinking you have traveled along side the women on the Oregon Trail.  As you read more of the story, the spirit of human nature comes out, it amazes me that any survived the wagon rides west.  Better attacks, disease, hunger and a million other things that could go wrong, I feel like no one should have made it. 

Enjoy stepping into history with Jane and the women that help settle the west.

Happy Reading,

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