Tuesday, August 5, 2014

New Release - A Grand Design - Amber Stockton

Dear Readers,

If you have never had the chance to visit Mackinac Island in northern Michigan, put it on your list of places to visit.  Early Spring and/or fall is a fantastic time to go as there is not as many tourist but the flowers/colors are spectacular.  I have been several times and as I mentioned yesterday, would live there in a minute if given the chance. 

A+Grand+Design%3A+Quilts+of+Love+SeriesIf it is not a place you will be able to go soon or if you have been and want to return, a book set on the island is almost as good.   A Grand Design by Amber Stockton, one of the Quilt of Love series, is the next best thing.  (by the way I am shocked there are not more books set on the island) Amber takes you into the houses of the people that live there which is an even better visit that just the tours that most tourist go on.

No one knows why Alyssa stopped going to her favorite place on earth.  She refuses to tell them why her annual summer visit to her grandmother's house on Mackinac Island was cancelled forever.  15 years later she finds herself back on the island with her friend Libby and they are asked by Alyssa's grandmother to help finish a quilt.  One her grandmother started many years earlier.

Alyssa find herself learning more about her grandmother and friends than she expected.  But will this task of completing the quilt also offer healing?

The Quilts of Love series that Abingdon is publishing has been a treasure to read.  The quilt is stitched into the fabric on America's history and it has been a great pleasure to read about all the different ways the quilt has united family, friends and even sometimes enemies.  Adding one about Michigan's beloved Mackinac Island just makes the series all the better.

Happy Reading.

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