Wednesday, August 20, 2014

New Release - The Taste of Many Mountains - Bruce Wydick

Dear Readers,

The Taste of Many Mountains by Bruce Wydick is based on an actual research project on the fair trade of coffee.  Which makes a little different for a fiction book. 

We here in America sit in our cafe's and drink our $4.00 and up cups of coffee.  Do we ever give any thought into how that coffee got to our hand and who gains the most from the beans that are used?  4 college students embark on a journey to Guatemala for a summer research project.   What they find is a place where two very different worlds collide. 

One of the students, Angela, is given a challenge by her professor, "Follow a bag of coffee beans from peasant coffee growers in Guatemala to the coffee drinker in the United States." As her professor says, coffee growing countries are still third world countries while the coffee conglomerates' profits have never been higher. 

With a chance to see into the darker side of international trade, The Taste of Many Mountains will take you a journey in to a beautiful land full of people just trying to survive while other make millions off their hard work.

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