Friday, August 22, 2014

New Release - Tried and True - Mary Connealy

Dear Readers,

One week to the Labor Day weekend and the one question I get asked more this time of year than any other is, "Do you have a fun, light read for the beach?"  Families are leaving town in droves to enjoy one last week of vacation before the school year starts and moms are looking for something to fill the time spent sitting on the beach.

bakerbookstore.comTried and True by Mary Connealy will fit perfectly.  It is  about cowboys, cowgirls and horses.  Throw in a wonderful sense of humor by the author and you have a book that will find you falling in love with the wild west.

This is the start of a new series for Mary titled Wild at Heart.  In book #1 we meet the Wilde sisters who have just returned from the Civil War, where they fought dressed as "boys."  They are homesteading on land the earned and need to continue their deception.  But Kylie is sick of it and starts to grow her hair back out and wears skirts as often as she can. 

It is all working out well until one day when Kylie's hat falls off in front of Aaron Masterson, the local land agent.  Even though he is interested in her, can he in good conscience not tell the U.S. government of the fraud that happened?

Like I said the perfect book for relaxing and enjoying that last few hours of summer.

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