Friday, August 15, 2014

New Release - Feels like Heaven - Vanessa Miller

Dear Readers,

I discovered Vanessa Miller a few years ago when I read her "Rain" series and enjoyed reading them.  I have over time read a few others of her books when I can get my hands on copies.  She has been writing for years not only fiction but also as a playwright.  So reading all her books is going to take a while.  Feels like Heaven is the start of a new series for Vanessa, so the list isn't going to get any shorter.

Solomon Harris' life is going along just fine, he is an attorney to the Stars of Hollywood, he makes a decent living and has no reason to wonder about the father he has never met.  Until his father, a high profile pastor in Charlotte, NC, summons Solomon to his death bed.  What could this man who never had time for Solomon as a child want with him now?

Solomon is surprised to find out his father wants Solomon to represent him in a court of law.  Will the new found love of good woman and his father be able to help Solomon to get past the bitterness he has carried with him all his life?

I think that is what I like about Vanessa's books.  They have situations in them that I have never experienced and yet they draw me in so that I feel as if I can understand some of what it is like to have lived them.  It isn't the same, but maybe I can learn a little and help someone along the way. 

This is book #1 in the My Soul to Keep series, so we get to look forward to several more books by Vanessa.

Happy Reading,

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