Thursday, August 7, 2014

Josiah for President - Martha Bolton

Dear Readers,

The Blue Gate Inn in Shipshewana, IN every year puts on a play.  They have done many different ones, all of them first class.   They have done them based on Beverly Lewis books, Wanda Brunstetter books and this year they are doing a Martha Bolton's book, Josiah for President.

The book itself released back in 2012, but has continued to sell here at the store and as we once again are facing an election year, it is a timely book. 

Mark Stedman steps down from running for President.  His only choice now is to return to his home state and decide where his life is headed now.  He isn't sure what to do or what any of the answers are until he meets Josiah.  A man who isn't afraid to get his hands dirty and use a little common sense.  Someone who should be leading the country. 

Mark uses his old campaign headquarters to get the ball rolling on introducing a very different candidate to the country.  But can Josiah do it?  What does he risk if he excepts the challenge of running for President?  Is the country ready for someone like Josiah?

All questions that can make for an interesting discussion and also one that make the book a good read.  Whether you are headed to the Blue Gate Inn or not, Josiah for President will make for a very interesting read.

Happy Reading,

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