Tuesday, August 12, 2014

New Release - Driftwood Tides - Gina Holmes

Dear Readers,

Oh Man the new Gina Holmes book is here and I am in the middle of a couple other ones and I have two waiting that have to be read before the end of this month.  *Sigh*  Oh well I will have to squeeze this one in somewhere, Driftwood Tides.

When Holton lost his wife, he retreated from society and anything and everything to do with it.  He works on his driftwood sculptures and drinks his gin, and just drifts along by himself. 

That is until Libby shows up on his doorstep and turns his world upside down.  She is the illegitimate daughter of Holton's sainted wife.  A fact that he didn't know and now everything he believed about his wife is wrong.

Gina has a way of writing everyday ordinary people into situations that most of us will never experience, but for some reason we find ourselves relating to the characters completely.  If you have never read Gina, start with Driftwood Tides, but don't forget to read her backlist also.

Happy Reading,


Gina Holmes said...

Thanks for the mention! Sorry to add to your pile :)

Chris Jager - Baker Book House-fiction buyer said...

I forgive you. ;-) and please continue to...

Thank you!!