Thursday, January 14, 2016

Steven James

Dear Readers,

What to do with my time when I have a 5 day stretch and little to do?  Read of course, and what made that even more exciting is I had a new Steven James book to read.  EveryCrooked Path is part of the Bowers Files. Following Opening Moves we learn more and more of Patrick’s back story.  I also thought was a great way to end an old year and start a new year, loads of murder and mayhem. 

Patrick is working for the FBI in New York, his relationship with Christie and Tessa has moved forward, and he is gaining a reputation as a go to person in cases that make no sense to others.  When a man commits suicide in front of Patrick, he knows there is more to the story than a simple breaking and entering crime.  As Patrick digs deeper into the case he starts finding links between his case and a series of missing children.  What he uncovers will not only put him in danger, but also those he loves. 

The Bower Files series has been some of my favorite books.  Each one is a bit different, but they all have a thread of questions running through them as Patrick wrestles with some moral questions.  This one he struggles with issues of God’s existence.  "If there is a loving God…"  But that is not all, he also wrestles with demon possession and who is to blame for our own mistakes.  There are the other topics that pop up throughout all of the books and it is one of my favorite threads.  It gives Patrick a more 3 dimensional feel because Patrick doesn’t always get an answer he likes.  I actually find that sometimes I am telling Patrick what I think on that issue or he makes a point that  I hadn’t thought of.

I recommend all the Patrick Bower books for those who are looking for a intriguing read but are not afraid of a little bit of blood and gore.  Okay maybe more than a little, but because of the richness of the "extras" that are including, this series of books is just plain fun to read.  

Happy Reading, 

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