Wednesday, January 6, 2016

New Release - Once Beyond a Time - Ann Tatlock

Dear Readers,

I am always curious to read a book by a favorite author when they move into a different genre than the one I am familiar with.  So when I found out Ann Tatlock had written a book in the fantasy/sci fi genre.  I have so enjoyed her writing in the contemporary or historical genres that I am use to.  Once Beyond a Time drew my attention for that reason.

In 1968 the Crane family move to a small town of Black Mountain, NC to try to heal from the disgrace Sheldon has brought to the family.  He lost his ministry because of an affair he had and the only way his family has a chance to survive is if he takes them to a place where they can start over.

Once Beyond a Time by Ann Tatlock
The only one happy about moving is 8 year old Digger.  He loves the new area and finds the new house fascinating.  He begins to explore and find out some strange stuff about the house and the local area.  Then he disappears.  Was he kidnapped?  Did he become lost?  Does the house have something to do with it?

So in someways this sound like a typical book from Ann.  An issue driven book with believable characters and story lines.  She tackles topics that many people can relate to because of their own stories or because some one they know went through it.  But this time she throws in a bit of super natural element that adds different twist and make me very interested in getting started.

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