Thursday, January 7, 2016

New Release - Risen - Angela Hunt

Dear Readers,

I don't often advertise movie connected books.  Ones based on a movie script, but with Angela Hunt as the author, Risen is worth a read.  Angela has written under several different genres but the one I feel she is best at is Biblical fiction.  It is right in her wheelhouse and she has a way of making you feel that you are walking right alongside the characters from the Bible.

The movie Risen is releasing in February and will be a wonderful way to start the Lenten season.  Risen the book is on the shelves now and it gives you a chance to read the story before hand and to even give you a chance to have more background to the story.

Roman Tribune Clavius is assigned to guard the tomb of the rebel Jesus.  They are told there is a good chance his followers will try to steal the body and claim he came back from the dead.

Despite Clavius' best efforts the body goes missing and he is told to find it before any damage is done.  Clavius infiltrates a small group of followers that believe their leader has risen from the dead and what he finds out about them changes everything for not only Clavius, but the world.

A story that gives us a peek at what it was like for those few believers in the first few days after Christ's resurrection.  It makes for an intriguing story about the church before it became the group that was changing everything.

Happy Reading

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