Monday, January 4, 2016

New Releases December 28 - January 2

Dear Readers,

A brand new year and a whole new reading list.  Okay mostly the same TBR list, but now we can feel less guilty about adding new titles as we have to start over during the new year, Right?

Happy Reading,

Merchant of Alyss - Thomas Locke - #2 Legends of the Realm - Hyam along with his wife make a new home in Falmouth Port.  Where he can recover from his latest battle.  When a shipment of scrolls arrive, he is suddenly dreaming of mythical beast and a coming evil.  Will he be strong enough for the next battle against evil?

Where She Belongs - Johnnie Alexander - Shelby Kincaid longs to move back to the one place she felt she truly belong, Misty Willow, her family home.  After her husband's death, she is ready to move her and her daughter 'home,' but not only is the place in ruins and in need of repairs, there is the cranky owner who won't leave her alone.

Once Beyond a Time - Ann Tatlock - It's 1968 and the Crane family move from Philadelphia to the hills of North Carolina.  They are trying to get past the affair that Sheldon had.  The only one happy with the move is their 8 year old son Digger.  When Digger disappears the family faces a different crisis.  Has Digger been kidnapped?  Did he wander off?  What about this strange house that they live in, has it been the cause for his disappearance?

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