Monday, January 18, 2016

New Releases - January 11 - 16

Dear Readers,

Winter has  finally arrived in West Michigan.  Cold, snow and wind.  It is a great reason to stay inside and read.  Oh wait who really needs an excuse to read?

Happy Reading,

Joshua's Mission - Vannette Chapman - Joshua is traveling from Oklahoma to the Gulf Coast to help a town hit hard by a hurricane.  Traveling with him is his younger brother Alton, who has a knack for getting in trouble with the law and Becca, the bishop's granddaughter.  Whatever Joshua plains on finding in Texas, he wasn't really planning on love.

Beyond the Silence - Tracie Peterson/Kimberley Woodhouse - Lillian wants to fulfill her mother's dream of going west.  She takes a job as a nanny in Angels Camp caring for young Jimmy.  For some reason Jimmy hasn't spoken in over a year and Lillian knows the rumors about why are not true, but what did happen?

Lethal Beauty - Lis Wiehl - A Mia Quinn Mystery #3 - Mia's newest case may prove to be her most dangerous as she tries to bring to justice one of the heads of the strong Chinese crime cabal.  Missing witnesses and unsavory jurors make it hard to keep the case open, but Mia is determined to find the answers and make sure the guilty are put in prison.

My Fair Gentleman - Nancy Campbell Allen - A Proper Romance - Jack Elliot is happy to be the captain of his own ship, but things change when his grandfather names Jack is heir.  Jack needs to impress the aristocracy to make sure his mother and sister are taken care of properly.

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