Tuesday, January 19, 2016

New Release - Mermaid Moon - Colleen Coble

Dear Readers,

I have been reading Colleen Coble's books as long as I can remember.  Okay maybe not that long, but as long as I have been working in the Christian Fiction market.  She is one of those go to authors for when I need a good mystery set in a romantic spot, but also don't need a lot of blood and gore.  Her mysteries are perfect for those times. .

Mermaid Moon is the second in the Sunset Cove series with each book being a stand-alone, yet set in the same area.  Some of the background characters will be in both books, but you could easily read them in any order.  (which also makes them so nice to read)

Mallory has not returned to Mermaid Point since her mother's death.  Now 15 years later she is returning because of the death of her father.  Mallory is positive that he is murdered, but even her childhood sweetheart, Kevin O' Conner isn't sure he believes her.  He does know he doesn't trust her after she left without a good bye.

A romantic suspense writer before it became a popular thing, Colleen has proven over and over that she is an author worth picking up and reading.

Happy Reading,

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