Tuesday, December 1, 2015

New Release - Snowmageddon - Neta and Dave Jackson

Dear Readers,

Today is December 1st and with that in mind I pick a very appropriately titled book.  Snowmageddon by Neta and Dave Jackson.  I really fell in love with Neta's writing way back when the Yada Yada Prayer group released.  I felt like she was writing me right into her stories even though she didn't know me at all.

Snowmageddon is the 5th book in the Windy City Neighbors series.   The Windy City series is actually their 5th series also, with each of them including characters from the other series in them.  Much beloved characters come home to visit and it makes for a wonderful and delightful time to catch up on their lives.
Penny Wise
Estelle is trying to get a group home to move on to her block so her son can become one of the residence.  But as the plans become public, fears and racial tensions come to light.  Harry is under his own stress in that he may lose custody of his grandson because of a promise he made.

The neighborhood is getting stress and the tension rise as a historical snowstorm hits the Windy City and not only shuts down the city, but puts lives at risk include an unborn child.

Neta and Dave continue to warm their reader's hearts with the stories they write.  They make me almost want to find the wonderful neighborhoods they write about and move in.  Almost. :-)

Happy Reading,

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