Wednesday, December 9, 2015

New Release - Every Crooked Path - Steven James

Dear Readers,

A new Steven James book before Christmas!!  Who needs an idea for a Christmas present for me?  I would be completely happy with this book, thank you. :-)   Every Crooked Path is another installment of the Bowers file, but once again it is a prequel.  So after you read Opening Moves, you can venture forth into this book and understand Patrick and what drives him even more.

Patrick gets involved in a conspiracy where everything is a lie.  He can trust nothing and yet the only way to solve an 8 year old mystery is to enter that world.  He must solve the old mystery to put an end to the killing spree that has everyone on edge.
I love reading Steven's books as they give me a good shiver as his bad guys are about as bad as they can be.  I also love reading them because they keep my attention, he is always laying little crumbs of hints to help you figure out who the bad guy is along the way.  But yet it is not easy to always figure that out.

I can't wait to get a chance to read this newest edition to the Patrick Bowers series even if it is the holidays.  What are the holidays without a little murder and mayhem.

Happy Reading,

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