Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Joel Rosenberg

Dear Readers,

Today is the day that many Joel Rosenberg fans have been waiting for.  The First Hostage releases this morning.  With the after Christmas release, I did hear lots of chatter about it.  Many were disappointed it was not out to give as a gift, but yet were glad to hear they would still have most of the week between Christmas and New Year's to read it.

Once again ISIS is at the center of the story.  J.B. Collins, New York Times reporter starts his report with the words "The President of the United States... is missing."  Suddenly the entire world is on high alert.  ISIS has attacked a peace summit and many of the leaders are injured and the President is missing, presumed captured.

I can only say that from page one of Joel's books you are on the edge of your seat wondering where he is going to lead you.  With topics that are relevant to our world, his books make you wonder what is real and what is fiction.

I know personally when I read one of Joel's books, I need to stop watching the news because the stories are so similar and I forget which I read about and which was reported on.  I am sure that is why his books are so popular with his readers.  You don't want to lay them down and yet they are ones you wish were based purely on his own imagination.

Happy Reading,

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