Friday, December 4, 2015

Christmas titles - 2015 part 2

Dear Readers,

The list is long, but with such wonderful titles and the spirit of Christmas in the air, it is time to settle in for a long winter... book read. :-)  Sorry I couldn't resist.  Enjoy the continuation of the Christmas title list.

Happy Reading,

A Christmas Bride in Pinecraft - Shelley Shepard Gray - An Amish Brides Pinecraft Christmas novel - When a break in at the Orange Blossom Inn brings two very different people together, will they be able to find common ground when love can blossom?

Secret Sister - An Amish Christmas Tale -Sarah Price - Grace is facing her first Christmas after losing her husband of 50 years.  Depressed and not sure she is fulfilling her calling, she wonders how she will survive the holidays.  Then special little gifts start arriving and Grace wonders who her Secret Sister is.

The Mistletoe Inn - Richard Paul Evans - His books have become a Christmas tradition for many many readers - Kimberly is hardly the type to seem to dream of writing romance novels.  But she decides it is time to either follow the dream or let it go.  She signs up for a writers retreats at Vermont's famous Mistletoe Inn.

Twice Blessed - Barbara Cameron - Two Christmas stories - Katie and Rosie have launched their business Two Peas in a Pod.  They may look alike and yet Katie is outgoing and Rosie lives in her shadow, until an unexpected business opportunity introduces her to a special young man.  Mark is engaged to the woman his brother Ben is in love with.  An accident gives Ben the chance to grab the happiness he believes he deserves.

Beautiful Star of Bethlehem - Lori Copeland - Arlene Santana had the perfect life, but somehow she has ended up in a rehabilitation center.  Surrounded by new friends, Arlene is happy with this new life.  Her sons come to visit and the days speed by, but why does Arlene's husband never come to visit?

The Christmas Portrait - Phyllis Clark Nichols - Young Kate is trying to get a Christmas gift to her mother in heaven.  No one is able to help her, not daddy or Uncle Luke.  Not even Pastor Simmons, who Kate was sure would know the answer.  So Kate devises a Christmas Eve plan that will forever change her life.

The rest of these titles or a collection of short stories so I am just listing titles and authors.

The 12 Brides of Christmas - Margaret Brownley/Mary Connealy/Diana Lesire Brandmeyer/Amanda Cabot/Susan Page Davis/Miralee Ferrell/Pam Hillman/Maureen Lang/Amy Lillard?Vickie McDonough/Davalynn Spencer/Michelle Ule

The Amish Christmas Gift - Amy Clipston/Ruth Reid/Kelly Irvin

A Pioneer Christmas - Lauraine Snelling/Margaret Brownley/Kethleen Fuller/ Marcia Gruver/Cyntia Hickey/Vickie McDonough/Shannon McNear/Michelle Ule/AnnUrguhart

Once Upon a Christmas - Sharon Bernash Smith/Rosanne Croft/Linda Reinhardt

A Texas Christmas - Cathy Marie Hake/Ramona K. Cecil/Lena Nelson Dooley/Darlene Franklin/ Pamela Griffin/Kathleen Y'Barbo

A Basket Brigade Christmas - Judith Miller/Nancy Moser/Stephanie Grace Whitson

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