Thursday, December 3, 2015

Book of the year 2015

Dear Readers,

This year it took me a bit longer to find my book of the year.  I wasn’t really worried as I had a couple in mind, but they just weren’t the right one.  I finally found it when I read the third in a very loosely connected series.   In fact it is not really listed as a series and  yet background characters and some of the main characters pop up in different books.  After having read all three titles, it is a ‘theme’ or what could be called a historical group that connects them all together. 

I loved each book for some of the same reasons. Lisa’s storytelling for one, but this last one by far took my heart.  I couldn’t lay it down once I got started and yet as I raced to the end I didn’t want it to end.  I really have no idea what Lisa’s plans are for her next book, but I would be perfectly happy if she continued along this vein that she has opened for us all. 

I have had more than one reader come back to me to “complain” that they couldn’t lay the book down once they got started.  In fact one of the readers told me she almost missing an meeting because she kept reading longer than she should have and had to rush out to make the meeting on time. 

It is feedback like that that makes me secure in my pick of The Sea Keeper’s Daughter by Lisa Wingate as the book of the year for 2015.

Happy Reading,

P.S. The other two books in the series are The Prayer Box and the StoryKeeper

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