Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Gift Ideas for Men

Dear Readers,

I was wondering if I needed to do a list this year for guys and then I had three different customers ask me for books for guys.  I guess that was my answer. :-)

Happy Reading,

For the Mystery readers;

A House Divided - Robert Whitlow - The story of an alcoholic and his grown children.  Legal mystery.  Can Colin fight his addiction long enough to take on a corporate giant to win for to young boys dying of cancer? (50% off while supplies last)

The Last Con - Zachary Bartels - Newly released from prison, Fletcher vows to never do another con.  That is until a mission trip with his family lands him back in his old stomping ground.  Once there he is blackmailed into one last con.

The Fruitcake Mysteries - Ace Collins - Set in Chicago in 1946. There have been three seemingly unrelated murders.  Well except each victim was killed with a 20 years old fruitcake.

Every Crooked Path - Steven James - A sequel to Opening Moves - a thriller - Patrick Bowers gets drawn into a international conspiracy.  No one is who they seem to be and everything is at risk, even Patrick's life.  He must enter into the world of conspirators to end a crime spree before the body count gets higher. 

Trial Run - Thomas Locke - Thriller/action adventure/Sci-fi mixed together -Dr. Gabriella Speciale has a very specific goal in mind.  She wants to create and control out of body experiences. She has an very elite group of people working with her to see what they can do. Then suddenly people are not returning from the experience and no one knows why. ( $5.00 while supplies last)

Third Target - Joel Rosenberg - released last year, but its sequel, First Hostage is releasing days after Christmas and this is wonderful chance to do a pre-buy for your favorite readers. 

The Curse of Crow Hollow - Billy Coffey - After 4 teens disturb the witch, strange happens begin in town.  Did the witch curse the town or is there something else that is behind it all?  The town folks are ready to do just about anything to lift the curse, even murder. 

Fantasy Readers;

Trail Run - See above

The Shock of Night - Patrick Carr - #1 The Darkwater Saga - Willet Dura is the reeve to the king.  His job is to investigate any and all murders that happen in Bunard.  It by default has made him a Nobel and that has gained Willet more enemies than friends.  Willet doesn’t care as long as the king trusts him and he can wed his beloved Lady Gael.  A strange double murder puts Willet on the alert and that is when his troubles begin. 

Embers - Ronnie Kendig - Abiassa's Fire #1 - Haegan and Kaelyria are heirs of the Nine Kingdoms.  Haegan is crippled and with a battle looming with the powerful Poired Dyrth, Kaelyria transfers her powers to Haegan.  When he is forced to flee the kingdom to find a cure, will he also be able to stop the war before it begins?


Shadow of the Mountian - Cliff Graham - The story of the exodus from Egypt from Caleb's point of view.  What was it like to live through the plagues?  What was it like to travel with an entire country?  Everyone moving at once?  What is the chaos like? 

AD 33 - Ted Dekker - the sequel to AD 30 - What happens when Maviah is trying to live according to what Joshua taught her during her short visit with him.  That is not easy to do, especially since she understood him to have an earthly kingdom. 

Maximus - Richard Black -  A Roman general is losing belief in the empire.  A quiet man is gaining quite a following in Judea.  When the general is sent to check out what it is about Jesus that is attracting all the attention, he may find answers to questions he hasn't wanted to ask out loud.

The Restoration Chronicles - Lynn Austin - Return to Me, Keepers of the Covenant, and On this Foundation.  All three books are now available.  Centered around the return of Israel from Babylon.


War Room - Chris Fabry - The novel based on the movie - What do you do when your marriage and life start to fall apart?  You hit your knees.  Elizabeth Jordan finds out that it might be the best answer to all her issues.  

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