Wednesday, December 23, 2015

New Release - Language of Music - Ruth Tippy

Dear Readers,

Ruth Tippy is what we loosely call a local author.  She doesn't live in the area any more, but grew up in one of the local farm communities just southwest of here.  So I am glad to be able to support her writing career as much as I possibly can.

The Language of Music is Ruth's second book and once again she brings her love of history and romance to the table.  It makes for an interesting read when she adds a dash of intrigue.

Katherine Edmond's first encounter with Jerard Emery is a mixture of beauty and fear.  She sees him as her carriage enters the gate of the Emery estate upon his stallion and she know that he is a very angry man one she feels fear of even while admiring his horse.

While Katherine adjusts to her new home, she grows into womanhood and starts attracting Jerard's attention.  His mother suddenly ships Katherine off to New York to work and Katherine begins to wonder if she will ever have a stable home and the love of a good man.

Like I said before I love to support authors from this area and Ruth Tippy makes it easy.  Enjoy a warm cup of cocoa and comfortable quilt while reading this delightful romance.

Happy Reading,

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