Thursday, May 28, 2015

Summer Reading list 2015 part 2

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Here is the summer reading list part 2. 

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The Last Heiress – Mary Ellis - Amanda sails to North Carolina from England to restore shipments to the family's textile mills.  The Civil war has interfered with shipments.  Of course meeting with Nathaniel and falling in love were not part of the plans for Amanda.  Will the war interrupt once again?
No Place to Hide – Lynette Eason - #3 Hidden Identity - Jackie is shock to see her childhood friend on TV wanted for a connection to a terrorist plot.  She is ready to help in any way she can, but she maybe in over her head. 
Then Sings My Soul - Amy K. Sorrells - Nel returns home to bury her mother and finds her father in a battle with dementia.  When strange things get delivered to their home, she is drawn to her father's past and what it means to her and her future.
Mist of Midnight – Sandra Byrd - #1 Daughters of Hampshire - Rebecca is returning to Hampshire after losing her family and friends in the Mutiny in India.  She returns to her family's home ready to claim it, but the locals are suspicious of her as less than a year ago a woman showed up claiming to be Rebecca.
How to Catch a Prince - Rachel Hauck - The Royal Wedding series - Heiress Corina seemed destined to marry a prince, until war kept them apart.  As she emerges from the fog of grief she is ready to move on and pursue her career.  Prince Stephen is confronted by his brother the king about his past and now must come clean about what happened.
The Wood’s Edge – Lori Benton - Major Reginald Aubrey is beside himself with grief.  His infant son has died and when he sees an Oneida mother with twins, he decides to leave his dead son for her white baby.  His actions that day will change everything for all those involved.
A Sparrow in Terezin – Kristy Cambron -Sera James feels like she is living a charmed life until a legal battle threatens everything.  She hastily weds her fiancé and as the trial goes on, he is facing years behind bars.  Kaja escapes Germany before the rise of Hitler, but now her family is faced with death and the camps and she must return to help them escape
A Thing of Beauty – Lisa Samson - Fiona walked away from stardom right after she left rehab.  She had plans for her future, but 10 years later all she has is a piece of twine with some buttons on it and a house full of junk. 
5 Brides – Eva Marie Everson – Releases in June – Five very different women, one dress.  None with a serious boyfriend, but they buy the Wedding dress anyways.  What journey will each women take to finally be able to wear that dress?
Jaded - Varina Denman - (from the backcover) "As a child, Ruthie is shunned by the local congregation.  Now, 13 years later, Ruthie's heart begins to stir when an attractive single pastor arrives.  But their relationship is bitterly opposed, and a string of secrets are unearthed."
Not By Sight – Kate Breslin – Releases in August – Set during WWI.  Grace believes she is showing great patriotism when she decides to sneak into a posh party and hand Jack Benningham a white feather.  One to show his cowardice.  But what she doesn’t know is the chain of events she puts in motion once she accomplishes the deed. 
Drawing Fire – Janice Cantore – Releases in August - #1 Cold Case Justice – Abby is anxious to capture the serial killer of elderly women.  Her most reliable witness is an annoying private investigator who may have more ties to her that she planned on.  Will they be able to stop the killer before he strikes again?
A Love like Ours - Becky Wade - (from the backcover) Former Marine Jake Porter has far deeper scars that the ones that mark his face.  He struggles with symptoms of PTSD, lives a solitary life and avoids relationships.  That is until childhood friend Lyndie re-enters his life.
As Water Gone By - Cynthia Ruchti - Emmalyn husband is serving a 5 year sentence.  She is struggling to survive a marriage while being alone.  A self-sentenced exile to Madeline Island may provide a roof over her head, but a home needs so much more than a roof and walls.
The Inn at Ocean's Edge - Colleen Coble - A Sunset Cove novel - On her 4th birthday, Claire disappears.  Mysteriously she reappears a year later with no explanation as to where she was or who had her.  Luke's mother disappeared about the same time and it seems the two mysteries are linked.
Hollywood Lost - Ace Collins - Hollywood's Golden Age is tainted by someone who is murdering beautiful women.  Shelby just wanted to have a job, but her job makes her a target for the murderer.  Will she survive with her morals intact or will the Hollywood strangler claim another victim. 
Deception on Sable Hill - Shelley Gray - #2 A Chicago World's Fair Mystery - Eloisa appears have it all.  But she has a dark secret.  She was assaulted months ago and has told no one that is until she meets Detective Sean Ryan.  Now with a person assaulting debutants, Sean makes it his mission to protect Eloisa from the killer.
Conversations with Saint Bernard - Jim Kraus - George Gibson is crossing off the last item on his bucket list.  The trip across America he and his wife could never take.  Along the way his daughter encourages him to adopt a Saint Bernard.  Lewis and George become traveling companions and George is able to start the healing process.
Anna's Crossing - Suzanne Woods Fisher - An Amish Begins Novel - Anna sets sail with her fellow Amish believers for the new world.  She goes as a translator only and hopes to return home soon.  Bairn resents the "Peculiars" as the deck hands call them, but there is something about the bonny lass Anna that has caught his attention.

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