Monday, May 4, 2015

New Releases - April 27th - May 2

Dear Readers,

Goodness the good titles keep coming.  I don't even know where to start, but I know of at least two books on this list that are battling for the top spot on my to-be-read pile.

Happy Reading

Reservations for Two - Hillary Manton Lodge - #2 Fresh Flavors and New Horizons novel - Juliette and Neil continue their tour of Provence and Tuscany.  With more answers about her grandmother, they return home to difficulties in their long distance relationship.

The Art of Losing Yourself - Katie Ganshert - Carmen looks like a woman who has it all together.  On the inside she struggles with doubt and whether she made a mistake marring her husband.  When her 17 year old sister shows up, maybe Carmen will find the answers to her questions.

Detained - Don Brown - #1 Navy Jag series - Navy Jag Officer Matt Davis has been given the difficult task of defending two Lebanese men from a charge of terrorism.  He believes they are innocent, but the opposition has an agenda and deep pockets.  Will the woman he loves be able to uncover the truth before innocent men die?

The Book of Told - K. A. Gunn - (from the backcover) Brew discovers he is a single word in the Book of Told, written by another he can't see... Sabotages by a rival understudy, the author must use what words he can to create a most powerful statement.

West for the Black Hills - Peter Leavell - Dakota Sunrise #1 - Philip longs to live a quiet life on his homestead with his horses.  When Anna enters his life that all changes.  They get caught up in a scheme that is brewing in Mitchell and  Philip needs to use his gun-slinger skills.

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