Monday, May 25, 2015

New Releases May 18 - 23

Dear Readers,

Thank you to all who have served to keep us free.

Happy Reading,

Walking on Water - Richard Paul Evans - #5 of the Walk Series - The Final Book in the series - Alan has finally began to heal from the loss of his beloved wife and his company.  The walk across America has taught him many things.  Now there is one more crisis that threatens to upend his world again.

A Simple Prayer - Amy Clipston - #4 Hearts of the Lancaster Grand Hotel - After being orphaned at the age of 4 Linda is raised by her Uncle Reuben. She longs to be worthy of someone, but old injuries and being bitter have limited her chances.  That is until Hannah Peterson asks her to work at the Paradise Bed and Breakfast.

A Blessing for Miriam - Jerry S. Eicher - #2 Land of Promise - Miriam is settling into her new community while back in Possum Valley her sister is starting to see the Englisher again.  When twin tragedies strike both sisters, lives will never be the same.

A Worthy Pursuit - Karen Witemeyer - When Charlotte became Lily's guardian she promised to keep her away from her grandfather.  Stone is hired to hunt down Lily, who Charlotte is accused of kidnapping. Will they be able to learn to trust each other enough to figure out what is really going on?

Love's Rescue - Christine Johnson - #1 Keys of Promise - Elizabeth returns home to become the perfect Southern belle.  Nothing goes according to plan, not only does her brother resent her, the servants don't listen and her father is not who he seems.  Now she has to decide whether to live a life of privilege or follow her heart.

Centralia - Mike Dellosso - Peter Ryan wakes up to an empty house.  He doesn't remember the car crash that kills his wife and daughter, but when he finds a note from his daughter he begins to question what is real and what isn't.  Soon he is on the run trying to discover what to believe.

Drawing Fire - Janice Cantore - #1 Cold Case Justice - The only lead Abby Hart has on a possible serial killer is a very irritating private investigator.  Will she be able to figure out who is murdering elderly women and why before Luke drives her crazy or before something else develops?

Five Brides - Eva Marie Everson - 5 independent women who live together are out shopping in downtown 1950 Chicago.  They spy a wedding dress and decide to pool their money and buy it, even though none have a steady boyfriend.  What will their future hold and who will get to wear the dress?

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