Tuesday, May 12, 2015

New Release - The Choosing - Rachel Dekker

Dear Readers,

Ted Dekker's daughter has taken up the mantel of writing like her father with her first release hitting the shelves.  The Choosing by Rachel Dekker is #1 of the Seer Novels, with I believe 2 more planned. 

Carrington Hall knows the importance of Choosing ceremony.  Everyone prepares for this day their entire lives.  It is where you are chosen for a place in society and when Carrington is chosen for the Lints, the lowest level, she knows her life is over.  But you must obey the authority.

Almost as soon as she is getting settled in to her new status in life she starts hearing about a planned rebellion.  Everything she is hearing goes against what she has been taught and yet there is something about it that sinks into her soul.  Who does she believe?  When she is given a chance to be re-chosen, does she support the rebellion or go back to obeying? 

Rachel is following is some large footprints, but I am eager to see what she can do.  It would be nice to have another writer in the fantasy/dystopian genre.

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