Wednesday, May 6, 2015

New Release - West for the Black Hills - Peter Leavell

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The one genre that I get asked about that is hardest to find is Western. There is just not that many authors who are writing Westerns any more. But every once and a while I find one that I can carry here at the store.  So I was very excited to find West for the Black Hills by Peter Leavell.  Mountainview books is a small publishing house that is making a few waves in the Christian market.  I love being able to support them and carry their books here at Baker.

DestinyPhilip Anderson is a quiet person.  He doesn't really mix with others a lot because they would not understand his past.  He was rescued by the Sioux Indians when his parents were murdered.  He knows it wasn't the Indians who killed them, but who did and why?   So he keeps to himself.

That is until Anna arrives on the scene.  He hires her to help train his horses and they find themselves drawn to each other.  But it turns out that Anna is a pawn in a scheme that is brewing in the near by town of Mitchell.  Philip is forced to turn to his gun-slinging skills to help free Anna. 

In true western fashion, you have a rugged man with a tough outer shell who has a heart of gold.  He wants to be left alone and yet is ready to protect those who are important to him.  So if you have been longing for the days of the 'wild' west, West for the Black Hills will be a great fit for you.

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