Friday, May 8, 2015


Dear Readers,

There is not often you get to see behind the scenes in the publishing world.  I had the opportunity last week in visiting Bethany House Publishers.  They are part of the Baker Publishing Group and I was invited to come visit while I was in Minnesota, MN.

Bethany themselves have been in publishing for over 50 years, joining the Baker family a few years ago.  They continue to be a leader in Christian fiction, publishing over 75 fiction books every year. 

While there I was able to meet with some of the fiction editors and talk fiction and some of what I experience or hear in the bookstore, but also a reader myself.  I was so much fun spending the day with all the good people there, Jennifer for picking me up, Julie for setting up the meeting, Karen for bringing me to the airport... oh dear I knew if I started stating names I would forget some so am going to stop. 

But I wanted to publicly thank them first for all their hard work they do to bring us the wonderful books we get to read every year and secondly for taking the time out of their busy schedule and making me feel so very welcome and part of their family. 

Happy Reading,

P.S.  I did get to meet with Paul from the art department, wait until you see some of the new covers that are coming soon!  WOW!

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