Wednesday, May 13, 2015

New Release - Taken - Dee Henderson

Dear Readers,

Dee Henderson waited several long years for her to write again.  They were rewarded for their patience with Full Discloser.  Dee once again leapt to the top of the fiction lists and has remained firmly in place since.   Her fans have devoured each new book and are looking for the next one with in days of the release.  Thankfully Dee takes her time writing each book as then we as readers get the best possible books from her.

Taken is the 4th book she has released with Bethany House/Baker Publishing Group.  Each of the books has brought something different to the table.  Whether Dee is taking us on the journey with Submarine officer or someone who collects old coins, she always helps us to understand the characters and what they are experiencing. 

This time we will walk along with Shannon Bliss who was kidnapped at 16 and forced to work with the Jacoby crime family.  She really just longs to live a normal life, but knows getting out could cost her everything because she knows to much about the family and its operation.

When Shannon asks Private Investigator Matthew Dan to help her not only get out, but to bring the family to justice, he knows that she is asking him to save her.  Will he be able to help her escape with her life.

I have heard over and over again, that the reason people like to read Dee is because of how well she writes her characters.  They become like family and each one is special to every reader.  Men and women have enjoyed the mystery part of her stories and each one leaves you guessing as to who-done-it to the end and if everyone is going to escape with their lives.

Happy Reading.

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