Friday, May 15, 2015

Author Visits

Dear Readers,

Last nigh at our store we hosted best seller author Tracy Groot.  I could also say local author or even just simply my friend Tracy Groot.  We here at Baker have carried Tracy's books for years now and will proudly continue to do so for years to come. 

I don't know how many author signings you have gone to, but I love listening to the author.  Whether they are talking about the research they do or the reason behind the topic of the book, it just seems to bring the story to life. 

I remember one author we had at the store years ago, she talked about why she wrote such heavy-on-romance books.  Her reason behind it was because she had noticed the type of book that her youth group girls were reading and she was horrified by them.  They were heavy on romance, but the wrong kind of romance.  The kind that said to have a guy fall in love with you, you have to sleep with him. 

Because of that experience she decided that she was going to put her writing classes to good use, she was going to write something that older teen girls would like to read, but still had a wonderful Biblical message.  Little did she know it would lead to her being a best selling author. 

Well until she shared that, I had no idea that is why she wrote the type of books she did and once I found that out, it made selling her books so much easier.  Not only am I selling a good book, I am selling a good book with an author who has a passion for the story.

We have two more fiction authors coming in may and in June.  Lynette Eason will be here on the 27th of May and we have just confirmed Dani Pettrey for the middle of June. June 22nd to be exact.  If you have been reading their books, here is your chance to meet the author behind the stories.

Happy Reading,

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