Monday, February 2, 2015

New Releases January 26 - 31

Dear Readers,

Welcome to the month of love.  Everywhere you turn you see the colors of red, pink and white.  Romance is in the air and there are even a few hints of spring.  Soon we might even make to above 50 degrees. 

To help you get in the mood for Valentine's day, here are some romances for you to enjoy.

Happy Reading,

Miriam's Secret - Jerry S. Eicher - #1 Land of Promise - Miriam inherits $2,000,000 dollars and a wonderful farm from the man she has compassionately taken care of for years.  She tells no one about the money and yet she can't trust Ivan, a young man who use to court her.

The Amish Clockmaker - Mindy Starns Clark/Susan Meissner - #3 Men of Lancaster County - Matthew Zook just wanted to expand his business, but until he can track down the clockmaker who used to own the building he will not be able to.

Love Gently Falling - Melody Carlson - Rita heads back to Chicago to help her mother recover from a stroke.  While there she reconnects with a couple of old friends.  When did Johnny become so good looking?  Why is he suddenly so helpful?

The Trouble with Patience - Maggie Brendan - #1 Virtues and Vices of the Old West - Patience gives up her hope of being married when the man she has pinned her hopes on dies.  Jedediah  has other ideas and makes himself a presence in her life.

The Boy Who loved Rain - Gerard Kelly - Colom has the perfect childhood, that is why the nightmares are hard to explain.  His father refuses help other than the church, but his mother is willing to find help any way possible.

Twisted Innocence - Terri Blackstock - #3 Moonlighters series - Holly has turned her party girl life around.  When the police wonder if she knows the whereabouts of her ex, she decides to try to track him down first.  The tables are turned when Creed takes her and her daughter kidnapped. 

Remember the Lilies - Liz Tolsma - Set in the Philippines during WWII, an very unlikely couple struggles to stay alive.  Irene is working for the Japanese while trying to help smuggle letters into the prison where Rand Sterling is just another prisoner.

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