Monday, February 23, 2015

New Releases - February 16-21

Dear Readers,

Today is my first day back from vacation.  My husband and I made our annual trek to Florida and relaxed in the sun for a week.  It is always hard to make the transition back to the colder temps, but there is hope for our seasons here and it is already the end of the month. 

To encourage you to spring, here is a list of titles that make those last few cold nights more bearable.

Happy Reading,

Keys of Heaven - Adina Senft - #2 A Healing Grace Novel - Sarah is learning to help heal people in her community with the herbs she grows.  But one of the woman in her community needs more than herbs to heal what ails her, will Sarah be able to help?

One True Path - Barbara Cameron - #2 Amish Roads Series - Abram watches as Rachel enters her rumschpringe and move away from the life he hoped for them both.  Rachel is enjoying her new found freedom, but an accident makes her wonder if home is a better place to be.

A Harvest of Hope - Lauraine Snelling - #2 Song of Blessing - Miriam is called back to Chicago because of her mother's illness.  Her is able to continue her nursing studies after promising to return to Blessing, Miriam settles into take care of her mother.  But she can't get Trygve out of her mind.  Will she decide on her family or the man she loves?

Gift of Grace - Sharlene MacLaren - #3 Tennessee Dreams - After her fianc√© disappeared 2 years ago, Grace decides there is nothing in Boston for her, so she agrees to head to Paris to care for her great Aunt.  Love abounds again and marriage seems to be coming soon, until an unexpected visitor arrives.

Heaven on Earth - Vanessa Miller - Tamara has sworn off men.  Her past experience had destroyed all trust she had in men.  Then a friend from the past crosses her path in a professional way and he is willing to make their relationship more than what it was in the past.

My Heart Stood Still - Lori Copeland - #2 Sisters of Mercy Flats - When the wagon carrying the 3 McDougal sisters comes under attack, each sister is carried of by a different man.  Anne-Marie is carried off by Creed a Crow Warrior and it is loathing at first sight.  Will they learn to get along as they need each other to survive?

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