Wednesday, February 4, 2015

New Release - Remember the Lilies - Liz Tolsma

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Liz Tolsma zip to the top of many readers in the area with her first book, Snow on the Tulips.   Many of the families in the West Michigan have ties to the Dutch Resistance of WWII and that book gave many a chance to talk about their relatives who were part of the Resistance.  I know of several book clubs that read the book and then spent their time together just exchanging stories instead of discussing her book.

Her third release is Remember the Lilies and is set in the Philippines during the Japanese occupation.  The main character are American's that lived there at the time and what happen to them, but it also touches on how cruel the invaders were to the natives of that country.

Rand lived and worked in Manila.  He owed several clubs and was counted among the wealthy.  The attack on Pearl Harbor changed all that and now he is just another prisoner in the Santo Thomas Internment Camp.

Irene is a missionary who is now employed by the Japanese delivering censored letters to the prisoners.  Her mistake stops Rand's escape attempt and lands him in the torture chambers.  When he returns to camp Irene hopes to help in someway, but this unlikely couple are not sure they can survive let alone profess their love for each other.

We sometimes forget about the Pacific theater of the war.  Liz reminds us once again that we fought on two fronts and our men and women suffered along side the natives of those countries.  I think there are stories to share that we have never heard about those times.  Thankfully authors are discovering those stories and sharing them with us.

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