Monday, February 16, 2015

New Releases - February 9 - 14

Dear Readers,

The new releases continue to pour in.  I can not keep up with them all.  I need to go on vacation, sit on a beach chair and just read for about a month.  Hmmm wonder what the boss would say?  Do you think it is a working vacation if you read the whole time? 

Happy Reading,

The Dandelion Field - Kathryn Springer - Raine's father walked out when she was young and now her and her mother live kind of a nomadic life.  They land in Banister Falls, WI and Gin promises Raine she can finish high school here.  Their lives become intertwined with Dan and Cody's in more ways than one and the results almost send Gin running again.

Still Life - Christa Parrish - Ada escapes her father's cult with photographer Julian only to loose him in a tragic plane crash.  Katherine's affair brought her escape and guilt when the same plane crash increases her sense of shame.  Will one small artistic boy be able to bring them together?

Song of Springhill - Cheryl McKay - A fiction story that is based on actual events - Hannah wants a fresh start when she returns home to Springhill the town where her father is killed.  The day after she arrives their is an explosion at the mine and her plans change when she needs to help support her family. 

Vines of Entanglement - Lisa Carter - Laura's life is a lie and she made it that way after her husband's death.  It all starts to unravel when she finds a dead body on a recreational trail.  Detective Jon Locklear starts digging into her past and becomes Laura's worst nightmare.

After a Fashion - Jen Turano - Harriet Peabody dreams of opening her own shop, but a errand goes wrong and cost her her job.  Oliver needs a fiancée and after witnessing Harriet's firing, he decides to help.  Harriet finds out that fashion is much more than what she wears and decides to call off the "engagement,"  until a threat shows Harriet and Oliver that love doesn't always arrive as expected.

Anna's Crossing - Suzanne Woods Fisher - An Amish Begins Novel - Anna sets sail with her fellow Amish believers for the new world.  She goes as a translator only and hopes to return home soon.  Bairn resents the "Peculiars" as the deck hands call them, but there is something about the bonny lass Anna that has caught his attention.

Secrets of a Charmed Life - Susan Meissner - The story of two sisters during WWII.  Moved to the country to keep them safe, they are separated and how their lives are transformed.  The story of a American scholar who uncovers their story and the burden it places on her heart.

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