Friday, January 30, 2015

Reading Challenge

Dear Readers,

I have taken a reading challenge this year.  Last year there was the challenge to fill an empty shelf with the books you read in 2014.  I didn't really do that one as I can easily do that each year because of the job I have. 

This year's challenge that I have taken is a bit different and one I gladly shared with several of the readers I know.  Because of some of the ideas they offer I thought it would give us readers a chance to expand on what we normally read.

I challenged my sister, two daughter and a daughter in law along with my bookclub to join the fun.  It was interesting to see who complained about which one of the challenges. (I will list them below)  My youngest daughter was not excited to see the "Read a book that is in a genre you don't normally read."  Of course I pointed out that doesn't mean she had to read a romance, that made her a little more excited about it. 

My sister was worried about reading a book over 500 pages long.  I didn't think that would be a problem if the book is good enough, but then again I usually read one or two books over 500 pages each year. 

My problem?  I will have a hard time finding a book that will make me cry.  I am not sure if the challenge means tear up or actually cry tears.  I just don't end up crying over a book.  Hmmm I wonder if any of you have any recommendations on that. 

So are you up for a challenge.  Join the fun and lets see how many different titles we can get on our lists.

Happy Reading,

2015 Reading Challenge
Read a book that ...

-Takes place in your state or country
-Makes you cry
-You loved as a child
-Your best friend recommends
-has a great cover
-Features someone who shares your eye color
-Is over 500 pages long
-Is written by an author you have never heard of
-Is in a genre you don't normally read
-Has a child main character
-Takes place in you favorite time period
-begins a series
-was made into a movie
-Reminds you of someone you love
-includes a Christmas scene
-Is a classic you've never read.

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