Tuesday, February 10, 2015

New Release - Where Rivers Part - Kellie Coats Gilbert

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I am always interested to see an authors sophomore book.  Is it going to be exactly like the first, is it going to be completely different?  Hopefully they remember their fans of the first book and stick with that pattern, but not to much. 

Where the Rivers Part is Kellie Coats Gilbert's sophomore work with Revell and even though she stayed in Texas, she is venturing off in a different direction for her characters.  She knows what her fans like and made sure she uses that in her new story.

Where+Rivers+Part%3A+A+Texas+Gold+NovelJuliet has devoted her life and research to safe drinking water for millions.  She has gained many perks along the way, but one of the best is saving many from life with out water.  She is on the way up and yet has remained estranged from her father because her path in life is not what he would have chosen for her. 

When a disaster sweeps Juliet and her company up in scandal the only one she can turn to is her father.  With his help, she works to expose a conspiracy that is more far-reaching than either one ever planned on. 

Kellie's uses parts of society most of us will never experience.  Whether it is the elite of Texas society or the life a scientific researcher whose discovery has put her in the higher pay grade than most but it sure is fun to take a peek into a different way of life.

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