Friday, January 2, 2015

New Release - The Song - Chris Fabry

Dear Readers,

I love love love Chris Fabry's novels.  They delve into issues that most of us will never have to deal with and yet can some how relate to.  His newest release is based on a motion picture screen play by Richard L. Ramsey of the same title.  I went looking for release information on the movie, but could not find a definite date yet.

bakerbookstore.comThe Song is based loosely on the story of King Solomon even though the book/screenplay is a contemporary story.  The sub-title gives you a good hint as to what the whole thing is about.  "Even the Wisest of Men was a fool for love. 

Jed King's life revolves around music.  It is shaped first by his famous father's music and now it is once again being defined by a powerful love song he writes for the vineyard owner's daughter.  The song catapults him to fame and with fame comes the same issues his father faced and failed at.  Will Jed be able to with stand the temptations?  Will his marriage survive? 

Chris has a way of writing books that draw you in and make you feel like you are living the story right along side of the main character.  Like I said before he tackles issues and then helps the characters find solutions, even if they are not the ones we wish they were.  His books don't always leave you comfortable, but they do leave you wishing for more.

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