Tuesday, January 20, 2015

New Release - Blood Divide - John Sadler

Dear Readers,

Historical fiction is at its best when it is written about the people the event happened.  Then there are the books that are written about an event instead.  In Blood Divide by John Sadler it is about the bloodiest battle fought on English soil. 

September of 1513 the Scots and the English squared off in a valley in Flodden.  The Scots emboldened by the backing of European backers face a English force that is depleted because the rest of the army is off in France fighting the real enemy along side of King Henry.  This battle will forever shape Scottish history and is still doing so today. 

John includes several of the key players and shows how their abilities or lack of them, change the battle in one or the other sides favor.  Because John is interested in bringing the facts of the battle to the forefront, he includes foot notes and other little facts that flesh the story out even more. 

Laced with dark humor and wonderful period details, this book would make a wonderful read for someone interested in English history.

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